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During the Cruise


It is amazing how many things you learn during and after a cruise that you did not even think about asking about before the cruise started.  Little things that you generally take for granted take on a whole different significance when you are hundreds of miles from land!  Some things that we thought were going to be important were actually quite trivial and we did run into a few rough spots that could have been made a lot easier if "we knew then what we know now...."

bulletPre-cruise misconceptions and getting to the ship.  From the planning to the actual arrival at the Century there were things that we did did not expect and things we were worried about that turned out to be trivial.  It also has our story about how not to get to the ship.

Getting to the ship

Everything like clockwork - except boarding the ship

bulletDuring the cruise What do people do during a cruise?  For starters there is the Century Daily newsletter that tells everything that is going on.  For non-English speaking travelers, I found copies of the Daily in Spanish, Dutch, French, and German. I have included both the Century Daily for each day of our cruise as well as some of the inserts listing the shipboard specials.  And, as an extra added attraction, I have managed to get copies of the ship dailies for the Western itinerary just so you can see that some- but not all- of the activities are duplicated on the western route.  There were also several interesting events on our cruise that deserve special mention.

bulletKid activities and kid's Daily newsletters
bulletShore packets With the Daily newsletters Celebrity provided basic port information.  Included in the information were maps and shopping information.
bulletNon-standard ways of getting on and off the ship I do not know if our cruise was unusual but we had a helicopter airlift of one of the passengers off the boat, the boat turning around to "rescue" two people who were late in getting to the ship.  Having the ship turn back to get two people was not enough to convince everyone that it is very important to not miss the boat.  Three other people the very next day had to be brought out to the ship via the pilot boat.
bulletWhat-ever-not (various thoughts)! Comparisons between re-boarding the Century and the Carnival Glory (we got cold towels they got Fun Ship Freddy) and various other observations.

bulletReally what-ever-not.  Assorted pictures with captions that don't fit anywhere else.
bulletPost-cruise. Disembarkation!

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