There were so many interesting people on the cruise who have asked me for pictures that I have just decided to upload them in mass without individual image comment.  As you can see, there were people in all age ranges from the very young to the very old.  We only had a total of 44 children on the cruise and while we did run into them once in a while, for the most part they were too busy doing their own things to be more than a casual observation to the adults.

This was a far cry from our observations and discussions with the people on the Carnival Glory which was right next to us in St. Martin!  The week we were cruising there were 500 children on the Glory.  The week before (one of the last weeks before school started for most of them) there were 2000!  Now, the Glory is quite a bit bigger than the Century, but not large enough to swallow that many kids without some disturbances!

Many of the people in these photos were from our Cruise Critic group, some were our table companions, others just interesting people we met along the way.




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