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The Ship
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Well, this is where I will be putting the pictures I take as well as the stuff I dig up on the ship and the crew.  Oh yes, and the food!
Ship Facts General information including ship specifications, 2004/2005 schedules with itineraries, and ship plans The Crew Information about the crew including pictures and details of the various epaulets worn on the uniforms
The Food If Celebrity is noted for one thing, it is the food on the ship.  Here are my pictures of the dining experience including pictures of the dining areas, our tour of the galley, pictures from the Grand Buffet, and copies of the nightly menus. Visual Tour (Our pictures) We took over 800 pictures during our cruise of everything including lots of pictures around the ship. Here are the pictures of the ship including the various lounges, common areas, artwork, ambiance,  shows, and- in short- everything about the ship not covered under food or crew.

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