What's new: 

May 1, 2004 More pictures, a new start page, and the beginning of our shore excursions.

April 15, 2004 Added Dailies for the Western Caribbean route of the Century. (There are still a few holes in the schedule but they should be filled in tomorrow)

March 26, 2004 Added an example of the daily specials for Sunday to the daily section.

March 26, 2004 OK, I give up with that fool counter getting reset every time I update the main page.  Added crew biographies, did a bit of cleanup, added a few more pictures, and added more comment to improve navigation.

Feb 25,2004 As requested, more ship daily events

Nov 3, 2003 A variety of additions including epaulets, ship daily events, notes during the cruise, and general cleanup.

Oct 23, 2003 An assortment of additions including additions to ship pictures, additions to comments, and the rest of the menus.

October 22, 2003 Added more ship pictures and expanded the discussion of the Veendam and Century.  Also added pictures of the air rescue helicopter that was needed to take a passenger off the ship and being chased by a pilot boat with guest who had been left behind.

Oct 13, 2003 Added children activities, scammed in the first 3 of seven menus for the cruise, began beefing up the comparison between the Veendam and the Century.

Oct 10, 2003 Part 2.  A few more additions, mostly in the form of pictures Kitchen, Crew, Other Dining

Oct 10, 2003 Real life has unfortunately taken precedent over getting this web site developed.  I have gone through all my pictures (for those of you who saw me taking pictures of everything in site, I ended up with over 800 pictures)  For starters, I have included pictures of ship passengers and, grand buffet, the main dining room, and the kid's area.


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